Mobile Applications

We mainly develop different utility and business productivity apps for both android & ios based mobile phones under this category. We mostly work with wireframes from our clients, but we are not limited to it. In many cases we also develop wireframes from user stories to start working on any project.

Cloud Applications

Unlike android / iOS application development, in this category we develop apps or systems for Laptop / Desktop users. Our Web application development service starts from concept development , user story capturing , ware frame development ,coding , demo / prototype app design , testing / UAT and post go live monitoring .

Megh Training

Megh Training wants to enable the people of our country in getting skilled in multiple disciplines and break free their potentials. Thus, Megh Training has recently launched its first effort on human resource development at the specific field of Contact Centre. Megh has chosen this sector for its long proven track record on establishing and serving in the call centre service of leading telco’s of the country.

BPO Services

The services broadly covers customer service , inquiry , request complaint handing , technical support , order taking , reservation and booking , surverys , email and live chat. Thus we have agents for Inbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center or even Backoffice Jobs.

Our Values

1. Simplicity:

All great things does not always have to be complicated, often it can be achieved in a simpler manner. Let's do things in an easy and simple way.

2. Integrity:

Knowing own capacity and making promises based on that and above all maintain the integrity on our each and every delivery.

3. Accessibility:

"No time is a bad time". We are always open and eager to listen to you and discuss with you on your preferred mode of communication.

4. Honor:

We feel honored to be part of a dream come true. We value the opportunity to learn new things that comes with every new project, and above all we honor you who give us this scope